Reversals of teachings

Any statement has truth in its reversals, and this also goes for teachings of various sorts.

I have read some teachings of a lesser known spiritual teacher here in Norway (not that any are well known, or there are many here in the first place), and these lend themselves especially well to looking for the truth in their reversals since they are simple, and also close to conventional views.

She mentions three teachers: fear, nature and the (inner) light.

So, for instance, what is the truth of darkness as a teacher?

I can find several ways this is true.

First, darkness in a literal sense. When I am in physical darkness, especially outside and alone, fear sometimes comes up. It is a great opportunity to see how the mind creates fear out of imaginations. How I relate to fear. (Resistance, distraction, talking myself into being calmer.) What happens when I resist it? (Discomfort.) What happens if I allow it in a wholehearted and heartfelt way. (Release, relaxation.) And so on.

Then, darkness in a conventional metaphorical sense. Darkness of the mind in different ways, such as despair, pain, suffering, and so on. This can be a teacher in many different ways, including the one mentioned above. It is also an invitation for deepening into empathy, rounding off my edges, learning to turn misfortune into opportunity, and so on.

And finally, darkness in the soul level sense. This is the alive presence showing up as the rich, nurturing fertile darkness, the divine feminine, experienced directly in this way. It is a teacher in that my human self reorganizes within it, specifically in terms of trust in existence and reorganizations of my emotional level (from reactiveness to nurturing fullness).

Exploring the truth in the reversals of teachings can have many benefits, including releasing attachment to any particular teaching, and find something more interesting hidden within mainstream teachings. It also invites me to look for myself and find what is true for me here and now. And also see the limits of my horizon, even as it includes the truth of the reversals. I may not know what is outside of it, but I know it is (still) limited.

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