Strategy or phase

I am exploring a Norwegian spiritual teacher who has an especially soulful approach. One thing I notice is how she is implicitly presented as quite special.

Right away, I get curious.

Is it a teaching strategy, aimed at attracting a certain type of students, or emphasizing certain aspects of the process?

Is it a phase she is going through itself, where it appears as special. (If so, that seems more typical early in someones process. Later on, as it matures, there is still appreciation and even awe, yet also experienced as thoroughly ordinary. It does not seem special anymore.)

Is it just the preference of the personality, independent of phases?

And maybe more importantly, how do each of those show up in my own life, and how do I relate to it whether it shows up in me or others? What are my beliefs around it? Where am I stuck? What effect does this flavor of teaching have on me and others? When does it seem appropriate, and when not?

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