A few things about thoughts…

  • They are tools for our human self to orient and navigate in the world, and essential for that.
  • They create maps of the world, so are different from the terrain, emphasize some things and leave a lot of other things out, are always incomplete, are – in an absolute sense – always wrong, and are really just questions about the world.
  • As long as there is an identification with thoughts (creating the sense of I and Other and the whole human drama), we are inevitably caught up in and fascinated – and blinded – by the world of thoughts.
  • Thoughts mirror and mimic the other sense fields: sound, sight, smell, taste, sensation.
  • Thoughts combine with the other sense fields to create gestalts, which – when taken as gestalts – appear very real, solid, substantial.
  • Awakening to what we are is independent of the content of thoughts. (Including the refinement or type of understanding and maps, the memories, visions, intentions, etc.) Although this awakening can be facilitated by practices and attention guided by thoughts.
  • An awakening to what we are is a seeing of thoughts as just thoughts, and of the gestalts as just gestalts, releasing identification with any of it. Thoughts are revealed as what they already are, only practical tools for this human self to function in the world.

And a few other things…

  • An attachment is always an attachment to, and identification with, thoughts. This creates the basic sense of I and Other and its elaboration.
  • When there is an attachment to a thought, we are in denial of it being just a thought, having only a relative truth, and the grain of truth in its reversals.
  • Distraction is attention getting absorbed into the inside of a thought that is taken as true.
  • When believed in, thoughts are often anchored in sensations, lending them a sense of substance, a location in space, and so on. This also goes for the basic sense of I and Other. Tensing muscles creates a more available anchor, and lends more sense of substance to the thought.

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