Dream: People think I can help them.

A series of three people show up on my doorstep, one after the other, thinking I can help them. (They have read my blog, for some reason thought I could help them, and figured out my address.) I tell them I can’t help them. I brush them off. I don’t acknowledge them beyond that. The last one is persistent and follows me and my wife as we are go to set up for a meditation session in the evening. When we arrive, a meditation is in progress and the person following me thinks I have lied to her. I take time to explain the situation to her, and as I do so, a shift happens for me. My heart opens.

This dream reflects a conscious attitude of mine of not being in the position to help anyone, of not having much to offer. There are so many others out there who have clearer insights, speak more eloquently, live their insights more fully, have far better interpersonal skills than I, and are trained ways I am not. So just get off my back.

But there is also an arrogance in there. A blindness. I put myself down without looking at the situation more closely. And that is exactly what the dream is telling me. People show up on my doorstep, wanting help. I brush them off, with a sense of being closed off in terms of mind and heart. Then, as I finally take the time to connect with one of them, there is a shift. My heart opens. I see that I can do something, however small. Even just the human connection, that doesn’t require any special skills or insights, is important.

I did an inquiry on this the same day as the dream, and from that clarity was a deepening into an open heart and a felt-sense of the truths of the turnarounds. There was a very clear shift happening, even in my body, during and following the inquiry.

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