Felt sense

The last few days have reminded me of the importance of inviting in the body when there are shifts in view. Staying with the shifts in view, taking the time to allow the rest of me to realign too. Feeling it with all of me.

Most recently, these shifts have happened through dreams, on topics I have investigated in terms of view earlier. I have explored the beliefs around it, and now, invited in by the dreams, the body followed. The felt-sense of it shifted as well. (And continues to shift and deepen as I stay with it.)

In terms of the three centers, the view shifted first (head), then the feeling of it (belly), both inviting in an opening of the heart.

And it can of course go any of the other ways as well. The shift can happen first at the heart, then the view and belly. Or the belly, followed by the view and heart.

Initial draft… 

I have had several feeling shifts over the last few days, mostly invited in by dreams.

These are feeling shifts in areas where I have explored beliefs earlier, and now the felt-sense is following. It is as if the investigation of beliefs brought the ox through the window, later followed by the tail of feeling it.

First, a shift in view. Then, in the bodily felt sense of it. In the language of the three centers, first a shift in the head center, then the belly center, both deepening the shift of the heart.

It is a reminder of how important it is to invite in the felt sense of any insights that comes through any form of practice, and especially different forms of inquiry. To take the time to allow the body to get it too, to feel into it, to allow the felt sense of it to work on us along with the shifts of view and heart.

One of the shifts that happened for me was in relationship to having something to offer to others, and the other is a family situation I have had some hangups around. In both cases, there was a bodily felt feeling shift aligning itself with what I have discovered earlier through inquiry. A deepening of the insight into the body.

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