Inquiry: The US should be as civilized as Norway

The US should be as civilized as Norway.

  1. True?
    Yes. Feels true sometimes. And my stories support it, sometimes.
  2. Sure?
    No. Is just an opinion. Also, the definition of “civilized” here is quite idiosyncratic. And, I don’t know what would be better for me or folks in the US or the world in general.
  3. What happens when I believe that thought?
    • I go into stories supporting the initial belief.
      • People spit too much on the streets in the US. (It would be inconceivably crude and impolite for most Norwegians.)
      • People are noisy at movie theaters. (In Norway, you often can’t hear the audience.)
      • People walk indoors with shoes.
      • People are generally far less informed in the US. (In Norway, people take pride in being well informed and reflected.)
      • It is more brutal in the US. (In Norway, society is much more human and quality-of-life centered.)
      • They don’t take care of people in the US. (In Norway, people are taken care of when it is needed through free education through university level, high quality health care, paid sick leave, long paid vacations, and much more.)
      • The public officials in the US are often unhelpful and rude.
      • The built environment is often low quality, lacks aesthetics and is not taken care of in the US. (In Norway, it is usually much higher quality, looks good, and well taken care of, whether public or private.)
      • People in the US are mostly at fundamentalist/authoritarian or modern/rational levels, while people in Norway are at modern/rational and beyond.
      • People are generally more soulful in Norway.
      • Men in the US have a weird hangup about having to be macho. (Men in Norway more often embrace more of all of what they are, feminine and masculine both.)
    • I feel like an outsider when I am in the US. There is a sense of separation, isolation, of not belonging, not being at home. I think I should be somewhere else.
    • I feel I am missing out of being in a more civilized and human-centered society, and the ways I would evolve there.
    • When did I first have that thought? Probably in my teens when I started to learn about the horrors of US foreign policy, and the crudeness of much of their own culture.
    • What am I not able to appreciate when I have that belief? I am not able to appreciate US culture and what I get out of being here.
  4. Who would I be without that belief?

    • Seeing the differences between US and Norway, and being OK with it. A sense of curiosity about the differences, of leaning in to explore it further. (Rather than judging, creating a sense of separation.)
  5. Turnarounds.

    • The US should not be as civilized as Norway.
      • Yes. The US and Norway each have their own history and current internal/external dynamics, and these are quite different from each other. One set of conditions has led to Norway as it is today, anther quite different set of conditions has led to the US as it is today.
      • It makes Norway look good, which makes those in Norway happy. 🙂
      • There may be things of value in the “uncivilized” US, things to learn from in different ways.
    • Norway should be as civilized as the US.
      • Hm… There are areas where the US is ahead of Norway. The leading edge development in many areas is further ahead in the US than in Norway. (For instance in health psychology, sustainable living, integral maps, spiritual practices/insights.)
    • The US should be as un-civilized as Norway.
      • Well, they could get out in nature and the wilderness as much as people do in Norway. It would be good for their health, and their connection with something beyond the human.
    • Norway should be as un-civilized as the US.
      • Well, it is becoming that way in some respects, through all the people moving there from other countries. (Including countries that have a more brutal recent history and more difficult living conditions.)
    • I should be as civilized as Norway.
      • I grew up there so I am formed by it. Also, I am the one wanting it, so I may as well apply it to myself.
    • My thinking should be as civilized as Norway.
      • Same as above.

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