Meeting others where they are

As part of uncovering who and what we are, we need to meet ourselves where we are here and now. We need to take our own immediate experience seriously. Any journey starts exactly where we are. For real results, we need to be real with ourselves.

And the same goes for our relationship with others. For a real relationship, we need to be real with them about where we are, and we need to meet them where they are. We need to take their experience seriously, no matter how different it may be from our own. (If we are honest and look, we can most often find it in ourselves.) And we also need to take their intentions and goals seriously, no matter how different they may be from our own. (Any advice that comes up for us, whether about goals or anything else, is always for us, not for anyone else.)

As we treat ourselves, we treat others, and the other way around.

How do I treat myself when it comes to take my experience seriously? I don’t have to look any further than how I treat those around me.

One thought to “Meeting others where they are”

  1. you sense that we should be real with eachother, not afraid to be who we are today. you valuing others by being supportive of their current realness and their aspirations. You trust that Life, God, The Universe, The Creative Force, (call it what you call it) will continue to express Itself through them and us so we don’t have guide their aims.

    I enjoy this outlook, Thanks.

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