Mistakes and No Mistakes

A quick look at mistakes…

Something can be a mistake or not according to our stories about it, and what they tells us is important. (Happiness, wholeness, wider circles of compassion, awakening, etc.) At our human level, and filtered through certain stories, there are certainly mistakes and avoided mistakes.

There are also no mistakes in two ways.

First, whatever happens gives us feedback, it is a guide towards more fully investigate who and what we really are, so there are no mistakes in that sense. Whatever happens is an invitation to investigate beliefs, what happens when experience is resisted or not, and much more.

One way to discover this is to find, and bring into daily life, the grain truth in the reversals of our initial stories telling us that something is a mistake.

And there are also no mistakes in the sense that everything is already awakeness itself. Whatever happens already and always happens within, to and as, awakeness. Said another way, it is all Big Mind, God, Brahman, and all good as is, independent of content.

This can be explored through finding the grain of truth in all reversals of a story, revealing each permutation as having only limited truth, and the inherent neutrality of the situation beyond stories.

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