Working with dreams

One of the topics from last night’s CSS meeting was dreams.

They mainly (only?) work with dreams through intellectual interpretation, and differentiate between “egoic” and “spiritual” dreams, mostly disregarding or at least downplaying the first category.

This is of course useful. But another way of working with dreams, and one I find more juicy and plunges me more into the unknown, is through active imagination. Usually, I take a few minutes to close my eyes and go back into the dream, replaying a part of it, and then interacting slightly differently with the dream characters, asking them questions, who are you? Being curious, seeing what happens, what dynamics and information is there.

Often, I am quite surprised by what happens, and how it helps me get familiar with dynamics and disowned parts at my human level, and begin to bring these into the warmth.

And also, I work with dreams through investigating whatever beliefs come up during or after the dream. Dreams trigger beliefs as much as any other stories that play themselves out for us, whether in our daily life, in the news, in movies, books, mythology, or anything else. So why not make use of it?

So in both of these cases, there is an immediateness in how I work with dreams that does not require going through any intellectual interpretation. (Which is heavily colored by our conscious view, what we already consciously know, and also tends to get pretty abstract and dry even if it hits the mark in some way.) And there is also no differentiation between “egoic” and “spiritual” dreams. Both are gold. Both offer valuable guidance.

And I find these beliefs to investigate: They should use active imagination. They shouldn’t rely on intellectual interpretation so much. (What dinosaurs! Do they live a hundred years ago?) Why do they differentiate so much between “egoic” and “spiritual” dreams? Don’t they know that there is gold in both? That the same teachings are to be found in both? I am right. I know.

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