Being a tool of stories

When we take a story as true, we become a tool of the story. We live out our life in its service. We are the way it comes alive in the world. The story becomes God, Master.

And when we see a story as just a story, when identification is released out of it, the story becomes a tool for us. It is a tool of practical value only, for helping our human self orient and function in the world. A tool as any other tool, of temporary value in some situations. A tool we are free to use or not, for practical reasons only.

I am reminded of all the stories in books, movies, fairy tales, mythology and even science, where someone is taken over by an entity of some sort. Possessed. Taken over by a demon, ghost, alien, virus, or anything else. These stories mirror closely what happens when we take a story as true. We are taken over by it. Possessed by it. Live our life in its service.

An additional note:

This is written in a more conventional, less precise, way. More accurately, we can say that our human self becomes a tool of stories when they are taken as true. And stories become a tool for our human self when they are recognized as just stories.

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