Dimensions of practice: self and other powered

Our explorations can be self- or other-powered at the different levels of who and what we are.

If we stay exclusively self-powered, it may fuel arrogance and a belief in having to do it all ourselves. And we don’t notice all the ways it is already other-powered. All practices happening here has infinite causes, stretching back to the beginning of time and the far reaches of space.

If we stay exclusively other powered, we don’t make it our own. We don’t get to experience how it is to do the work ourselves, and walk the path through our own efforts.

Tempered by each other, we can benefit from the best of each. We get to make it our own, through our own efforts, and we get to benefit from what is given to us, as a kick-start or a glimpse of what is possible.

For instance, at the physical level, we can benefit from other power through massage and different healing modalities. And we can do our own work through exercise, diet, yoga and so on.

And in terms of awakening, we can benefit from shaktipat, an energy transmission (diksha and much else) that initiate and fuel an awakening process. And we get to make it our own through exploring the new terrain that opens up for us, or if it was a glimpse, it is then a reminder of what is possible if we do our own work.

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