Dream: A mountainside in the Himalayas



A big avalanche went down a steep mountain side, and I and some friends go down its path. It is steep and far down. We are guided by a Tibetan Buddhist teacher on our way up, and use a rope ladder most of the way. At the very top, someone has inadvertently blocked where we need to go, I talk with him, and he removes the obstacle. We are back in civilization, with a large city surrounded by smaller towns.The hillside is in the Himalayas, and the city and towns at the plateau on top seems to be a mix of (the best of) New York, Paris, Barcelona, Oslo, and the small town I grew up in.

There had been a lot of people around when the avalanche went, celebrating and having a picnic, but it seemed that none had been caught, or if they were, there was no drama around it. We may have gone down partly to see what the situation was down there, and if anyone needed help.

The climb up was relatively safe, but also with an element of danger. It was very steep, and the rope ladder had very narrow steps. When I talked with the guy who had unknowingly blocked the last bit, it took a while before he understood what I meant, but he quickly removed the obstacle as soon as he did.

The city and towns on the plateau included the one I grew up in, which is where I was for part of the time after having climbed back up. One of my parent’s neighbors were there, a very jovial older man who had been a sailor.

This dream is similar to some of my other climbing dreams, although for this one, I went down voluntarily and from a sense of adventure, and the climb up was relatively safe (we had an experienced guide) although also nerve wracking.

I have had several other dreams where someone helps me up the last little bit, usually by taking my hand and pulling me up. This time, someone had accidentally blocked the last stretch, and helped me by removing the blockage.

Voluntarily going down the mountain side, following the avalanche, is similar to what I do in daily life when I go into knots, beliefs, hangups, experiences I tend to resist, and so on. And the climb up may be similar to clarifying this, investigating, fully allowing the experience, and so on.

We went down following in the path of the avalanche, and up with a guide and a rope ladder, so there were an element of conscious decisions in both cases.

Additional notes, in the evening the same day:

I see how the image of plunging into the abyss, and then going back up with a guide, is very much how I experience my main practice these days: plunging into stressful beliefs and fully allowing experiences I usually resist.

The image of civilization up in the high Himalayas felt completely ordinary during and after the dream. I associate a tremendous clarity and sacredness with the Himalayas, and civilization is right there. (Not just a part of civilization, but the whole of it. All the large cities, and everything else.) This mirrors how I experience civilization: sacred and luminous, as it is. Also, it may say something about my conscious attitude and views, that this too is experienced as clear and sacred, at home in the high Himalayas. There was a sense of ordinariness and simplicity with civilization up there on the plateau in the high Himalayas. Unremarkable. As if nobody gave it a second thought.

See also this post on how the dynamics of this dream took place in daily life the day after.

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