Dream: Antartica

I am in Antarctica with my wife and a group of other people in their twenties and thirties. We ice skate, kayak, row in inflatable boats, swim in dry suits, and overall have a great deal of fun. There is a sense of being completely at home in this clear, brilliant, stark and immensely beautiful place on earth.

We are here together for a few weeks before heading home, and I realize that I would like to stop over and experience the deserts in Australia on my way home to Norway.

I help one guy with his skates, and I notice he is buoyant somehow. It turns out that there is an anti-gravity effect around him, which helps him in his professional ice skating.

The group reminds me of going on trips with the outdoors program at UO, most recently the downhill skiing trip two weeks ago.

Antarctica, as it shows up in this dream with is clarity, luminosity and stark beauty, reminds me of exploring the sense fields. They have the same sense of a stark luminous beauty to them.

In the dream, there is a sense of being completely at home in Antarctica, and exploring and playing there in many different ways. Ice skating. Kayaking. Inflatable boats. Swimming in dry suits. I have a taste of this when I explore the sense fields, sincere there is a good deal of familiarity and comfort with it now, and the dream seems to point to the possibility of an even greater comfort and familiarity.

The buoyancy reminds me of noticing whatever arising in each sense field as awareness, as emptiness and form. It has the same sense of lightness to it, and is something I have explored more specifically over the last few days.

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