Finding support in exhaustion

I am quite exhausted physically today, mostly from lack of sleep over several days.

So if I resist the experience of exhaustion, there is discomfort right there. I go into a victim mode. I want things to be different from how they are. The exhaustion becomes an Other, a problem, something that prevents me from doing what I want to do.

But if I allow the experience of it, for instance by using some of the Breema principles (body comfortable, no extra), there is a shift. Now, there is an intimacy with the body and the symptoms, and instead of it being a problem, hindering me in doing what I had planned, it becomes a support. The exhaustion is revealed as a deep relaxation, a deep quietness, a nurturing fullness, which in a very practical and immediate way supports me in whatever is happening here now.

Looking at it further, I see that this is also mutual support, another Breema principle. I support the exhaustion by allowing it and being with it. And it supports me through its nurturing fullness and its deep relaxation and quietness.

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