Finding the spark

Anything I experience attraction or aversion towards is a guide to something in me I am only seeing out there, aka a projection, aka something that will give me a fuller sense of who I am if I notice that it is already right here, in this life.

When I am out doing things with friends, I sometimes like to ask what did you enjoy the most today?

It is not just a conversation starter, or something to help bring attention to something we can be grateful for. It is also a nudge to notice what we find juicy, where the spark is for us right now. And then to follow that, bring it more into our lives, notice how it already is in our lives.

It is a way to notice more of the wholeness of who we are, through something flirting with us at the edge of who we see ourselves to be.

My wife and I went downhill skiing today, and I asked her this question on our way back.

For me, what I enjoyed the most was engaging with the hill as I went down, actively meeting the curves and the snow.

I also enjoyed noticing the body relearning after some time off the slope, and how quickly it happened.

My human self living its own life going down the slope, with little or no sense of a “doer”.

Finding myself as that which holds intention of where to go, and the receptivity to what the slope is telling me, the yin and the yang.

And also noticing how the skis lived their own life, within the general trajectory they were on, finding their way through the snow. What seemed like the skis being somewhat out of control, and a possible problem, was just their way of finding their way through the snow and just another support.

That actively engaging with the slope on the way down was on top of the list is no coincidence. I am gradually emerging out of a very yin phase, more receptive, resting, quiet, not so active in the world, to a more yang phase where I am more actively engaged. And noticing what I enjoyed the most of the day is a reminder of this, and also a reminder to invite it more into my life.

Sometimes, it may even be helpful to go into whatever we enjoyed the most, to relive it in our imagination – or even sounds and movement – to explore exactly what we are drawn to in it. What is it that is most juicy for me in it? How can I bring it more into my daily life?

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