God as tech support

Interesting quote posted at Indistinct Union:

John Polkinghorne, a physicist and a priest, has put it this way: “God will download our software onto his hardware until the time he gives us new hardware to run the software again for ourselves.” That gets to two things nicely: that the period after death is a period when we are in God’s presence but not active in our own bodies, and also that the more important transformation will be when we are again embodied and administering Christ’s kingdom.

Is it only me that sees this as more creepy than attractive? If this is all there is to it, I am tempted to say count me out.

(It is also another example of someone entertaining themselves with their thinking, creating imaginations that gives some temporary comfort. Nothing wrong in that, but it is good to be honest about it.)

But as usual, we can also find it here now.

This timeless now that everything happens within is Christ’s Kingdom. And when I notice that, its content – this human self and its surroundings, or Kosmos if we want to be grand – is noticed as already and always fresh, new, stainless, pure.

So in that case, count me in.

Inquiry: It is creepy. (The story of God as tech support, uploading and downloading software into different hardware.)

  • True?
    No, obviously just what comes up for me around it, if I go into that angle.
  • What happens when I hold on to that belief?
    Separation. I am right, they are not. Arrogance. Smugness. Sense of precariousness, that I and others can see through it and point it out. (As I do now.)
  • Who am I without it?
    Curious. May still have the same stories about it, but not to prove anything. Friendliness, not separation.
  • Turnarounds:
    • It is not creepy.
      • More true. There is nothing inherently creepy in any story, it is just thoughts, just awareness taking a temporary form.
      • Some folks obviously find it comforting, so that must be available to me too if I look.
    • I am creepy.
      • Yes, when I believe the story that it is creepy. I go into a story, is blinded by it, identify with its view, and think that is all, case closed. And it brings up arrogance, pride, blindness, closed mind and heart. If that is not creepy, I don’t know what is.

Inquiry: I know.

  • True?
    Well, it seems that way when I go into stories and take them as true, identify with their views. But it is not really true.
  • What happens when I believe that thought?
    • I get arrogant. Smug. Sense of having it all figured out.
    • No need to explore anymore, apart from to fit everything into what I already have figured out. Make it fit my current worldview that I have decided is the right one.
    • Sense of precariousness, knowing it is not true, that I and others can see through it. Sense of something to protect, or – if I am more clear – something I can investigate to find what is already more true for me.
    • Sense of separation, including from the truth in other stories.
  • Who would I be without it?
    • At peace. Receptive. Curious. Interested in life and how it can be filtered through an infinity of stories. Curious about how it looks through all those prisms, and interested in exploring new ones.
  • Turnarounds.
    • I don’t know.
      • Much more true. I don’t know, in any sense of the word.
    • Others knows.
      • Yes, also true. Others knows things I don’t, it is inherent in them being an other. They have their own experiences and views, different from mine.

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