Inquiry: They shouldn’t present it as so difficult

They shouldn’t present it as so difficult. (Finding clear, simple teachings, good teachers. From the Big Issues section of Dharma Overground.)

  1. True?
    No. They do what they do. They are coming from their own experience. They are coming from their own beliefs. (Sometimes.)
  2. Sure?
    No, not at all.
  3. What happens when I believe that thought?
    • I get defensive, judgmental.
    • I tell myself I am right. It wasn’t like that for me, so why should it be for anyone else?
    • I see this and feel very uncomfortable. I see how I am coming from my own hangups.
    • I experience separation.
    • I post a comment about it, how it is not this way for me, and am stunned by my own stupidity. I know I am coming from a belief, a fixed and limited position, arrogance, yet I still act from it. And I appreciate acting from it so I can see where I am coming from, and take it to inquiry.
    • When did I first have this thought? During my initial awakening in my teens, when everything was very clear and simple, when insights came up effortlessly mirror those of mystics from any tradition.
  4. Who would I be without it?
    • Open heart. Seeing myself in them. Finding what they are saying in my own experience. Interest. Curiosity in how it is true, and how it is true for them. Curious about their experience.
  5. Turnarounds.
    • They should present it as so difficult.
      • Yes, they are coming from their own experience. They are, most likely, sincere and honest about it.
      • They, sometimes, may be coming from their own beliefs. They are at the mercy of their own beliefs, just as I am. We are no different there.
      • It is obviously true for many, so they act from compassion in acknowledging their experience and making efforts to do something about it. Who am I to question compassion and engagement?
    • I shouldn’t present it as so difficult.
      • I can be honest about my own experience, which is that it mostly is not so difficult.
      • By being honest about my own experience, and sharing it, I contribute another perspective. It helps fill out the bigger picture.
      • When I present it as not difficult, and come from a belief, I experience discomfort which helps me notice where I am coming from and inquire into the beliefs behind it.
    • I should present it as so difficult. **
      • Yes. I can learn from them. Their compassion. Their acknowledgment of how it is difficult, in the experience of many. Their attempts at doing something about it.
      • I can find it in myself. I can find it in my own experience, my own history. I can find times it was difficult for me. I find it in my initial awakening, in going to local teachers who themselves did not have such clear soul level awakenings and realizations of selflessness. They could not meet me where I was. (>> It was difficult for me, at one level, and maybe when I decided I wouldn’t set myself in that position, as a teacher who was not qualified in working with these things.)
      • I can share it with others, both that some folks find it difficult, and the times that has been genuinely true for me. This feels much more peaceful. More aligned with what is already more true for me.
  6. If the universe is a friendly place, how it is true that they should present it as so difficult?
    • They come from their own experience, speaking their own truth.
    • They come from compassion with those for whom it is a real experience.
    • They trigger this belief in my, so I get to see it an inquire into it.
    • I can learn from them. From their compassion. Their insights. Their engagement. I can be a student of them. (Taking time to feel into this. To invite it to come alive as a felt-sense.)

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