Mistakes as part of the process

When I work on beliefs through inquiry, significant shifts sometimes happen during or in the days or weeks or months following the inquiry, or set of inquiries. The shift in views usually happen right away, and sometimes are filled in as times goes by. And they are also sometimes in the felt sense. It is as if the body gets it, knows it, feels it.

One of my topics for inquiry has been a retaining wall project, which in a conventional sense has been a big mistake. We received bad advice up front, started on a very time consuming and expensive project, and now have to redo it and go back to a much simpler solution. (Which is what we wanted initially anyway.) So it seems like a big mistake, and one that was costly in terms of time and money. It is a mistake, in a conventional sense.

But it also helped me see, feel and love how mistakes are part of any process. They are not something that happens that shouldn’t have, or somehow is extraneous to the process. They are intrinsic to and embedded in the process. In this case, they are what needed to happen for the simpler wall to be built. I don’t only see it, as I did earlier, but there is a shift in my body sense of it, how it is felt in the body. The truth of it is now, also, in the body.

For many of these insights, seeing it doesn’t take much. It is often just part of conventional wisdom. But it is something entirely different to genuinely love and feel it, be at peace with it, and even enjoy and appreciate it.

From being stressed out about it, losing some sleep over it at times, and seeing it as a problem, I now see it as a support. It is not only intrinsic to this process of building the simpler wall that we need and want, but it has helped me to feel how mistakes are intrinsic to any process. They are what needs to happen for something to get accomplished, and sometimes not accomplished.

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