Noticing content as awakeness

The practice emerging for me now is noticing content of awareness as awareness itself.

It can be done formally, through for instance exploring the sense fields, and also informally, throughout the day.

When I explore the sense fields, I select one, notice what arises there, and find a curiosity about what it is made of. Is it awakeness itself? Anything else? After doing this for a while, I explore the gestalts the same way, the gestalts formed by a thought combining with the other sense fields to create the appearance of an emotion, sleepiness, a sense of a separate I, or anything else.

In daily life, I usually bring attention to what appear most real, dense and substantial, and in the same way ask myself what is it made of? Awakeness? Anything else?

It is interesting how even a sense of a separate I can be noticed as awakeness itself in this way. It is there, yet recognized in immediate awareness as nothing other than awakeness itself.

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