What I can know for certain

At a Jungian talk tonight, the question came up of what we really can know.

For me, when I look, I find that all that is certain is that there is awareness.

And anything specific about the content of this awareness, beyond appearances, is uncertain. Things appear a certain way, but I cannot know what is really going on.

This is also a good way to explore what we really are.

When I look, I find awareness and its content.

If I look a little closer, for instance by exploring it through the sense fields, I find that content of awareness comes and goes. Nothing is stable within content of awareness. So am I to be found within this content? Or am I what does not come and go? Am I what this content comes and goes within and to?

And if I look a little further, again by exploring the sense fields, I may find that the content of awareness is awareness itself. It is made up of awareness. Awareness appears to itself as both subject and object, seeing and seen.

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