Why are stressful beliefs stressful?

A belief is…

  • An identification with a story.
  • A story saying a story is true.
  • Something that is at odds with reality, in several different ways.
  • Which in turn creates stress, discomfort, even suffering.

It is an identification with a story. I quite literally take the story, and the view it offers on the world, as who I am.

It is an identification with a story saying a story can be true, and that particular stories are true. That is says something real about the world. Has inherent value. That it is something far more than just a tool of practical value to help our human self orient and navigate in the world.

It is at odds with reality, in different ways.

It is at odds with my story of what is, or may be. (a)

It is at odds with the truth in its reversals. (b)

It is at odds with noticing stories as only a tool, having no value beyond the practical of helping this human self orient and function in the world. (c)

It is at odds with what I already, somewhere, know I am. If I look here now, I find I am that which any story, and anything else, happens within, to and as. (d)

It is at odds with what is already, somewhere, more true for me. (e) I can find a+b+c+d(+e) by just looking, here now. All of this is already, somewhere, known to me. I only have to look to find it, to rediscover it.

And being at odds with reality creates a sense of something being off, of having to protect something, and so on, which creates a sense of stress, discomfort or even suffering.

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