Journal on vacation

The journal is still on vacation, apart from possibly finishing a couple of draft posts. My sense is that something needs to shift (not necessarily anything major), so it seems right to go in “neutral” for a while. There is still a great number of posts here to look through, if you find it of value.

Update: There will be some occasional posts from now on, although less frequent than before.

4 thoughts to “Journal on vacation”

  1. Hi Per,

    As one of your two readers, I’d like to send you my best wishes. Thanks for letting us know. I find insights on your blog every week that have helped me in my own journey and my gratitude to you, a person I have never even seen, is profound. Thank you for the work and diligence in documenting “where you’re at today”.

    With Love,


  2. I really would like for you to continue to explore figure-ground reversal and help me find more creativity in the discussion. I posted a reply to your old blog article, but do not know if you are going to find it.

  3. Hi Vincent. I did find your comment and will give it some thought. What comes up for me right now is not so different from what I have already explored here:

    Dreams tend to present us with something that is present for/in us but we are not aware of in our conscious view, and provide a reversal of perspective in that sense. I take myself as good, but sinister characters in my dreams – created by my own consciousness – shows the shadow side of that goodness. If I see this, the background/contrast to my initial identity now is in the foreground, as something I want to explore and find in myself in a more conscious way.

    Similarly, when I do The Work ( I find the (limited) truth in the reversals of my conscious view, which also is a figure-ground reversal of sorts. (What appeared false, as a background to the initial truth, now is revealed as a truth in itself, with the initial truth as a background.)

    Also, in Buddhism in general, and maybe most easily noticed in the Big Mind process, when I find myself as Big Mind there is a figure-ground reversal. I initially take myself to be this human self only, this object of awareness which then is in the foreground, and awareness and space is the background. Then, I find myself as this awareness and space, which then comes into the foreground and the human self shifts (somewhat) into the background.

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