Dream: Recruited to unmask international drug trade

Unusual things are happening. A series of people I don’t know try to connect with me in peculiar ways. I am cautious at first, but then decide to talk with one of them. They want to recruit me to help with catching large scale international drug traders. I will play a small but important part in gaining their confidence, and others will collect the evidence and go in for the catch. It is dangerous. I ask why they want me. They say they need someone they can trust, someone who is sincere and honest. There are not many who has the degree of sincerity and honesty they need. I accept, especially since they are going after the largest fish, the ones who often go free when the smaller ones are caught.

Day residue: Last night, a thought flashed through of how insufferably sincere this journal must seem to many, including sometimes myself. And then how that sincerity is essential for exploring who and what we are, yet it doesn’t have to be expressed in this way. I subtly put down this form of sincerity in my own mind. Others, who clothe it in cynicism, tradition or a harder edge, is more favorable. (Day residue is something that happens the day before a dream, and reflected in the dream. It is something the dream responds to, or one strand woven into a larger theme.)

The dream seems to remind me that this sincerity is somewhat rare, and also valuable in certain important situations. They needed me because they were not able to find many they could trust. And they needed someone like me to catch the largest international drug traders.

Also, the catching of drug traders may be similar to what happens in inquiry. I drug myself whenever I believe in stories, whenever my identity is caught up in content of experience, and inquiry is a way to catch the the dynamics making it happen. Sometimes, it is a way to catch the biggest fish.

The dream reminds me that although I consciously may put down this sincerity, at least in the ways it comes out, it may also be valuable in terms of catching the big fish. It is a good meta skill, as they would say in Process Work.

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