What does it mean to be fearless?

Going into danger while throwing caution to the wind? Pushing away fear and pretending it is not there? Manipulating experience so fear will not arise? Acting in spite of fear?

For me, it has to do with going directly into that which I fear the most.

To fully allow any experience, no matter how scary it seems. To be with it, independent of its content, including the resistance itself, as if it would never change.

And to investigating any belief and story that comes up for me, however dear it may be to me and however much the world may tell me it is true, and find what is more true for me.

Through this there is a growing trust.

A trust that comes through seeing that any experience is OK, no matter how scary it may seem when I resist it.

And a trust that comes from thoroughly investigate any belief, including the most scary and apparently true ones, and find the complete innocence and freedom that is already there, waiting for the investigation.

A trust that comes from receptivity of heart and mind.

Finally, it has to do with finding myself as that which any experience, and any story, happens within, to and as, independent of the particulars of its content.

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