Forever is a very long time

I am familiarizing myself with a teacher I just discovered, whom seem very clear and direct. But there are also parts that brings me to inquiry for myself, such as this one about insight practice:

Ultimate insights cause permanent changes in the relationship to reality and eliminate fundamental levels of suffering forever.

Forever is a very long time.

It is also just a story. A projection of what is here now into an imagined future.

A projection of the awakeness here now, which is already awake whether it is confused or clear. And a projection of the content of a story of “forever”, as if it was real, substantial, existing – somehow, magically – somewhere in an imagined future.

All we know is what is here now. Anything else is just a story of a future.

Also, what is is obviously free – and, if we want to anthropomorphize, very happy – to manifest as clarity and confusion, with no particular preference for one or the other. It is inherently free from any preference for one or the other, so free to play and appear as both.

If there is a real Ground awakening, there is also that freedom.

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