Inner smile

The inner smile is a very simple exercise from Taoist yoga. (See the link for more details.)

When I do it, I notice a shift into holding my body in kindness and well-wishing, and this then naturally flows into the whole of my human self, any situation I am in, and others.

My personality may not like characteristics of my body or human self, or particular situations or people, but it doesn’t touch the kindness and well-wishing there for them.

The inner smile invites in an open heart, open for whatever is happening.

From a rigid view, ambivalent heart, reactive emotions, and general contraction, tension and identification with stories, there is a shift into a more fluid view, open heart, nurturing fullness, relaxation and a softening of identification with stories.

Initial draft… I used to do the Inner Smile regularly some years back, and am now gradually getting back into it again. I believe it is on old Taoist Yoga exercise, and it is very simple. Smile to each organ of the body, from top to bottom and inside out. I find that I gradually shift into a more wholehearted sense of well wishing and kindness as I go through it, enveloping the whole of my physical body in sincere and heartfelt well wishing. And I also notice how this well wishing then naturally extends to the whole of me, as a human being. I also find it helpful sometimes to say something like I wish myself the best, even thought (whatever i find the hardest to accept about myself or my situation). My body is off again today, with fatigue and certain emotion/belief knots coming up strongly, so it is an especially good day to do this and notice the shift. From slightly struggling against what is going on, I find a deep and sincere well wishing for myself just as I am here and now, with fatigue, brain fog, and different emotions and thoughts coming up. From experiencing it as Other and a slight problem, whatever is happening becomes a nurturing support for me. There is a sense of nurturing fullness just from shifting how I hold it. There is also a shift from experiencing the body as cobwebby and stagnant to more luminous and clear. — Kindness to body, whole of me, others (one follows from the other) — Kindness, friendly, towards anybody + any situation independent of whether like or dislike (personality like/dislike)

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