Reinventing the wheel

Spiritual practice is a process of reinventing the wheel, in two ways.

First, because insights and practices tends to come up that duplicates those of different traditions, whether we are aware of those traditions or not. It is, after all, the same dynamics and patterns we are working with. The same dynamics and patterns of healing and awakening. Of knots, beliefs, wounds, and mechanisms of samsara.

Then, more importantly, we are reinventing the wheel because the insights and practices has to become real here, whether they appear to come up here first, or out there first (as a pointer/practice from a tradition or teacher).

So either way, spiritual practice is a process of reinventing the wheel. Each time, it is a wheel, similar to any other wheel. And each time, it is a fresh wheel, slightly different from any other wheel. After all, any experience is unique and different, even if a thought tells us its content is very similar to something that happened before. God never repeat itself.

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