Verbal prayer

Some forms of verbal prayer that I find very helpful. Nurturing and opening of the heart.

  • Prayer for the well being and awakening of all beings (including myself), and also for specific beings. (Some version of “May all beings find well-being and awaken.”)
  • Dedication of practice to the benefit of all beings. (“May this benefit all beings.”)
  • Expressions of gratitude. (Including the mantra “thank you”.)
  • Heart/Jesus prayer. (“Lord Jesus Christ, have mercy upon me” said with the breath and heart beats.)
  • Songs and chants. (The traditional Christian hymnals work well here too, much good stuff there if taken a certain way.)
  • Reading poetry of well-wishing and gratitude. (Rumi, Hafiz and others.)

I do these verbal prayers in my native language, since it seems closer to my heart. And I also use each of these as a mantra, repeated in a heartfelt way over and over, often while bringing attention to the heart.

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