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I wrote a post last year on a Salem News story on Charles Schwab. If there is some truth to this story, it deserves far more attention than it has received so far. If you know something about this case, contact Tim King with Salem News.

The reporter just sent this message to me:

This is Tim King from We have generated another story on Schwab and Wayne Pierce and some slightly strange things have transpired since then. Let’s just say there is a relationship between Wayne’s email hacking and what we have experienced. I do not want to elaborate as we are investigating, but this is the tip of an iceberg from the way it appears and any agencies or individuals that have anything to offer on this are encouraged to send me an email at newsroom. FYI, we are TV and newspaper professionals with many years under our belts as mainstream reporters. is independently owned and operated and that is the only reason we were able to get these stories off the ground in the first place. Thanks, Tim King

Take a look at the new Salem News story and interview with Wayne Pierce, and also this video interview:

An Oregon man who lived with a former girlfriend of Charles Schwab’s, hints at a federal government cover up and big money scandal that reaches to the highest levels.

(SALEM, Ore.) ….

Wayne Pierce says he has contacted many important political offices and individuals with his allegations against Charles Schwab, he says he has documented a number of Schwab’s federal crimes, but the case has never received major interest from the FBI, the agency that investigates the type of allegations that Wayne Pierce brought forward.

In summary, Pierce says Charles Schwab hacked his computers, stole his emails, destroyed files, and spied on him. It stems from Pierce’s involvement with a woman who had previously dated Charles Schwab. The video goes into great detail on these subjects.

Allegation of Conspiracy & Lying to the FBI

Pierce says Schwab intercepted his emails and shared them privately with Ms Kim Haynes, the woman both Pierce and Schwab had a relationship with. He says Haynes discussed Schwab’s illegal activities with him in person and through emails, all of which Pierce provided to the US Government.

Pierce believes that since the FBI first began investigating his allegations against Charles Schwab, both Schwab and Haynes have conspired to deceive the US Government, claiming they did not know one another.

“Indeed, Mr Schwab’s corporate attorneys wrote me twice and claimed the same thing. Because I had provided the FBI ample proof that these people do indeed know one another, prior to their ever talking with them, I question why they so easily accepted these false claims and discontinued their investigation. I believe this might be a deliberate cover-up by the US Government.”

Emails Hacked and Framed for Attempted Murder?

Wayne Pierce says that in August of 2003, Schwab and his good friend, Keith Johnson of Fieldstone Homes in California, conspired to frame him for murder.

“They both told Ms Haynes that I was trying to kill him (Schwab) by placing bombs on his properties. Mr Schwab then told the FBI the same thing. As part of their conspiracy, Ms Haynes was also terrorized with with death threats over the phone. Something is obviously wrong here: If Mr Schwab did not know Ms Haynes, as he claimed to the FBI, how could he be telling her that I was trying to kill him? How was it that her boss was telling her the same thing? For not knowing one another, they were sure talking a lot.”

It is important to note that the discovery of Mr Schwab’s so-called bombs was made the very week that Schwab had told friends, via email, that he would be visiting California, and specifically, the Pebble Beach/Carmel area, where the bombs were found.

“Mr Schwab was still into my computer and reading my emails — one year after I had reported his illegal activities to the Bush Administration and US Congressional leaders. Indeed, he felt he was above the law, perhaps for good reason.” ….

Questionable Financial Dealings

…. Schwab’s financial dealings with Haynes were questionable Pierce says, and he suspects that included insider trading, tax evasion, “and certainly financial coercion and blackmail. I believe the handling of his loan to her, and his control over her stock account with his company, improper.”

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  1. Seven years have passed since Salem News first published several articles about Charles Schwab and US government crimes against me. I have published two non-fiction books about my ordeal and how Schwab & the government have obstructed justice and denied my civil rights for over twelve years.In my book I discuss Schwab & the government’s ongoing efforts to silence me through FBI sting and entrapment operations.

    My latest book is, “The Stockbroker’s Lady” now available on Amazon and bookstores.

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