Dream: Amnesia, secret project and soul mate

Amnesia I return to where I used to live (a spacious, artistically decorated loft apartment with a co-housing feel), but don’t remember anything. Everything – memories, skills, passions – are gone. 

Secret Project A tycoon has some of his people working on a secret project which will come to fruition in 5-6 years time. I am somehow in the center of the project, as the one who will bring it to the world. The only condition is that I keep it an absolute secret until then. 

Soul Mate I am given a luxury apartment and have a party with some of my friends who somehow are included in the project. A woman is invited by mistake. I take her aside to tell her that she cannot stay since the project has to remain a secret to outsiders. We end up going for a walk together, and we find an easy and deep connection, one between soul mates. 

Amnesia: This is a theme that has come up in my dreams over the last few years. It reflects how I sometimes experience my life from before the dark night phase. 

Secret project: The project is a service or product of some sort, which may have worldwide interest and use when released. It consists of familiar elements, put together in a quite new way. I am not sure why it has to be kept a secret. Maybe it reflects a process that needs to simmer on its own, without interference from interpretations and other verbal mental activities? 

Soul mate: An inner marriage/relationship with something that used to be unfamiliar to me. A friend of a friend, accidentally invited. 

Connections: The three parts reflect the alchemical process of nigredo>albedo>rubedo. A blackening (something not going the way our personality would like it), whitening (working on it), and rubedo (fruition). Finding this soul mate is not an outcome of the final product, but of the early process of working on it. 

This three-part dream, and especially the second part, had the feel of what Jung called a Big Dream. Or at least semi-big, around 7 or 8 on a scale of 10…!

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