Dream: Flying

There is a flying event where we are to fly to Paris and then Copenhagen using balloons. I am on a three person team, and design a combination of a hang-glider and a hot-air balloon that is fast and maneuverable. We get a little exuberant and fly low along a road, but have to steer off the road when a truck comes towards us. We crash and take a day off. It turns out that my two team members design a new craft on their own, but one that only floats and is not fast nor maneuverable. I plan on redesigning it.

This dream seems to be a good illustration of the dark night dynamic. In the time before the dark night, I had a fast and maneverable craft. Then, a crash followed by a period of rest. Now, a craft that lifts off but is not going anywhere very fast. But it can be redesigned. (I woke up before I got that far in the dream.)

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