In what ways a dream?

When I explore what I am through the sense fields, headless experiments, or other ways, in what way is what I find similar to a dream?

It is similar in that anything happening is awareness itself. When I explore the different sense fields, I find that whatever is happening within each of them, is awareness itself.

It is similar in that all has the same source, or rather is the same source. In dreams, it is all created by this psyche. Anything happening is aspects of me. In waking life, it is all created by the same Ground, and anything happening is the play of this Ground. In either case, there is the appearance of an I and Other, but an absence of a real I and Other.

it is similar in that it is all insubstantial and ephemeral. When I explore the sense fields, I find that even that which appears to have the most substance, such as the sensation of a heavy pressure on the body, is as ephemeral as anything else. It is made up of awareness, it is transient, it is insubstantial. Similar to a hologram, it has form but no substance.

It is similar in that everything is just happening. On its own, living its own life, on its own schedule. Things are just happening in dreams. And things – including anything associated with this human self – is just happening in waking life too. It is all coming out of the blue. (Even if our mental field sometimes does a pretty good job predicting what will happen.)

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