Only God

When we glimpse what we are, or shift into it more stably, there is the question of how to talk about it.

After all, what we find ourselves to be is completely untouched by, beyond and includes all polarities. And language by its nature splits things up.

One way of talking about it is to say that “I am God”. It is entirely accurate, but also has some drawbacks.

For instance, if it was only a glimpse and the sense of an I with an Other comes back, then this transcendent “I” (without an Other) easily gets mixed up with this sense of I with an Other. And this tends to bring inflation, a sense of a separate self being somehow special, better and so on. The small “I” is trying to be the big “I”.

Also, although I may find myself as the Ground of all, others see a person here, a human being. So from their perspective, it looks (understandably so) arrogant or crazy.

Personally, I prefer to say that I am that which experience happens within, to and as, which makes it a little more down-to-earth and simple.

Or to say that there is only God. It takes the “I” out of it entirely, includes everything, and leaves nothing out – including this human self and its feelings, thoughts, and whatever else is happening here.

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