Inquiry – unfolding from where people are

One of the beautiful things about inquiry is that it meets people where they are. It is a gentle, organic process, working with what is there in terms of content and dynamics.

This is easily seen in The Work.

I have a knot. A belief with its associated emotions and behaviors.

It clashes with my stories of what is, and there is stress.

I notice this stress in whatever form I tend to most easily notice it. For me, it is often a sense of contraction and tension of body and mind. A sense of unease and discomfort. A sense of something (an identity, position) to protect.

I find the story behind the stress.

I inquire into it.

I find answers that are more true for me than the initial story.

I notice who I am without that belief.

I take my new insights into daily life. This includes the validity in the reversals of the initial story, and I hold all of those in whatever way that makes most sense to me right now.

And all of this changes over time. It changes as I heal, mature and notice more what I really am. As knots unravel, the knots behind them surface and I can inquire into them.

It works only with what is here. With what surfaces naturally, in daily life. With the answers and insights that are true for me here now. It all unfolds in a very gentle and organic way, working with the material present.

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