Working with teachings

Spiritual teachings/stories have several different functions.

First, they function as bait to get people interested, usually by triggering a variety of projections. We take ourselves as an I with an Other, and with a particular identity. The stories reminds us of what we are on the other side of those boundaries, and we are attracted to it.

Then, they invite a reorganization of the stories people use as guidelines for how to live their lives. They become new beliefs, which has an important practical function in keeping people out of trouble. This is the social aspect of stories/teachings.

For those interested in the practice part, they are pointers for practice, questions for us to investigate on our own. Each statement is a question only, to take to inquiry.

And finally, and most importantly, they offer tools for practice, for instance for investigating beliefs and finding what is more true for us. (The teachings and tools themselves are of course included as material for inquiry.)


  • as pointers for practice
  • bait to get people interested
  • offering tools for practice, investigate beliefs etc.
  • reorganization of stories, which we take as true or not, so have different guidelines for how we live our life at the human level

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