Cue to take as more substantial

Whether I work with allowing experience, inquire into beliefs, noticing whatever happening as awareness itself, or something similar, I can notice a tendency to take certain gestalts as more real than other.

Some gestalts serve as cues to take them as more substantial, more real, more true, and to act accordingly: to resist experience, take a story as true, take them as more solid than awareness itself.

At some point, it is helpful to become more familiar with these dynamics for ourselves. 

Which gestalts do I tend to take as more substantial? What are the cues? What happens when I shift into take them as more substantial? What happens when I shift out of taking them as substantial? What do I fear could happen if I don’t take them as substantial? 

This can all sound quite abstract, but is very specific and practical when it happens.

For instance, fear comes up in a certain situation, I notice that I tend to take it as real and something to get caught up in, and that this is a habitual pattern.

What am I afraid would happen if I didn’t take fear as real and substantial? If I saw it as awareness itself? Fully allowed the experience without getting caught up in it? Inquired into the beliefs behind it? 

I am afraid that I wouldn’t be able to take care of myself at my human level. That I would do something stupid that would endanger my health or even life. That I would be more stupid than if I take fear as substantial and real. Is that likely to happen? No. I see that I would still be able to take care of myself in daily life, and now from more clarity and receptivity. I can find specific instances in the past where that has happened, and I can find it here now as well. I can stay with that insight for a while, feel into it, allow also my body also to “get it”. 

Can I fully allow the experience of fear? Welcome it as a vulnerable animal or afraid child? Allow it as it is, as if it would never change, in a wholehearted and heartfelt way? What happens when there is this shift from resisting the experience to fully allowing it? What happens with my experience of it? What happens with my ability to respond to the trigger of this fear? Am I still able to respond to it effectively? Am I able to do so from more clarity, alertness and receptivity? 

Can I notice that fear as awareness itself? When I explore fear in the sense fields, can I see it as awareness itself in each sense field? Can I take the gestalt of fear as a cue for noticing as awareness itself? 

What is the belief(s) behind this fear? What do I find if I inquire into that belief? What is more true for me than the initial belief?

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