Dream: Kiss on the cheek

I am with two or three woman healers and there is a sense of shared essence and quiet understanding among us. I notice how beautiful it is that it is naturally expressed differently for each of us. One of them gives me a long kiss on the cheek, and there is a sense of a  stream of sweet nectar flowing from the kiss into and filling my heart.

The sense of a stream of sweet nectar is similar to what I relatively often experience in Breema. Someone works on a part of my body, and there is a very tangible sense of a gentle, sweet, quitely blissful stream flowing from there and into and filling the belly.

The dream is a reminder to find this healing through sweet intimate connections with myself and others, which used to be much more present in my life than it has been for a while. It is a reminder of healing coming in many ways, including surprising ones (which was the intention of the one giving me the kiss). And it is a reminder of healing occuring through staying with the connection.  (In the dream, I was surprised at first of the lenght of the kiss, but then understood.)

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