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  1. good reading.
    In my experience the shaktipat diksha,elongates the spine by about one inch.
    How to deal with diksha?
    Best Regards.

  2. Hi Mahendra, and thanks! Seems that many things can happen through shaktipat (and shakti/kundalini in general), including – as it did for you – elongation of the spine 🙂

    How to deal with diksha? What I have found helpful is to allow the experience, as it is, for instance by asking myself “can I be with what I am experiencing right now?” The less interference (resistance to/ getting caught up in) the easier it goes, it seems.

    Also, what I have been told, found from own experience, and also have heard from others, is that the diksha energy seems to have its own intelligence, so it works for each of us in ways appropriate to where we are and are able to deal with.

    It also seems be receptive to our conscious intention and suggestions, especially in terms of intensity. When I received diksha, I asked – at different times – for it to be more or less intense, and that is what happened.

    Hope that is helpful. The best is probably to ask an experienced diksha giver 🙂

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