Auras and sense of center

For those who can see auras, this can be a valuable check. Otherwise, it doesn’t really matter. (And can easily be a distraction, if it is seen as something special and/or desirable.)

Our energy system perfectly mirrors consciousness. They are really just two aspects of the same, which is why an wakening can be initiated from either side, and the other side follows.

What I find is that auras of people, myself included, perfectly mirror what is going on at the consciousness side.

If we are caught up in stories, it tends to be vortexy and disorganized, especially around the head. The aura also has a certain dullness or “asleep” quality that shows that it is not aware of itself.

If there is a sense of a center and an I with an Other, the aura has a very clear center in the body and fades out towards the periphery. (Although it seems to never end, not even then.)

If there is a soul level awakening with an emphasis on the head center, the aura tends to be brilliant, luminous and alive.

If there is a soul level awakening with an emphasis on the belly center, the aura is flowing, velvety and alive.

And if there is a Ground awakening, there is no center. The aura is clear, subtle, awake to itself throughout, has no center and no periphery. It is even at any distance to the body, and here too never ends. (At least does not appear to end anywhere, as far as I can tell.)

If there are two main characteristics of the aura that changes depending on types and levels of awakening, it is whether or not, and to what degree – it is awake to itself, and whether or not and to what degree it has a center and periphery.

I use this mostly to check where teachers are, and don’t find it very useful otherwise. Not surprisingly, the ones that demonstrate a clear Ground awakening also has an aura that has no center and is awake to itself throughout. Adyashanti, Byron Katie, Joel and others are good examples of this.

Others show more of a soul level awakening, such as Saniel Bonder (Waking Down in Mutuality) and the unnamed teacher I have written about frequently over the last weeks.

Btw: Another good use of this is to take a look at ones own aura, which – surprisngly enough – even shows up in a mirror. That can be a good check to see where I am at.

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