Double turnaround

Another life 101 pointer that I find helpful in daily life:

Whenever someone says something about someone or something else, I can turn it around for them, realizing that the advice – or description – is for themselves. This is especially helpful if there is some charge around what they said for me.

Then, I can do the same for me. I can find how the same advice or description is true for me. And also its reversals.

So Bush may be talking about terrorists, and I see how his descriptions of terrorists also fit with the actions of the Bush administration. (And how that may be the default view for some around the world.) Then, I find how the same is true for me. And how the reversals are true as well, for him and me.

It brings a sense of all of us being in the same boat. In my own mind, I bring him into his own business (describing and giving advice to himself) and me into my business (describing and giving advice to myself). There is a natural empathy from recognition. The charge goes out of the situation. And this leaves more clarity for action and engagement, or not, depending on what seems appropriate in the situation.

This pointer is equally helpful when someone says something about me. No matter what it is, I can turn the statement around to the person who said it. And from that place of more clarity, I can find it in myself.

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