Fresh words

I notice how I am drawn to teachers who speak with fresh words. Who go to what is alive here and now, and find words for it as if it was the first time. The words are alive and juicy, and often different from how they have talked about it in the past, or how others talk about it.

Other teachers may also go to what is alive for them here now (or not), but then use familiar phrases to describe it. It can sometimes feel a little predictable or stale, even if the content is excellent.

In either case, it is how I receive it that matters. Do I use it as a pointer to look for myself, here now, in a fresh and alive way? If I do, it doesn’t matter whether the teacher speaks with fresh and juicy words or not. Although the fresh and juicy words so obviously comes from an alive experience, so that is a reminder and encouragement to find it for myself.

Also, when I write about these things here, when do I go to old and familiar phrases, and when am I free enough to use fresh and alive words? And what happens for me, in each case?

One thought to “Fresh words”

  1. I think the Words are “perfected in our ears” – when I was in school, I would take away the “essence” of what was said by the teacher – even when I asked other students what they heard the professor say – and invaribly each student took away something different, yet while capturing the essence of what was being taught. But that is what is different about the Word than any other Book ever written, it is Alive and full of His Life. When you go to the Word for ‘inspiration” and not just “information” it changes.

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