Inner and outer teacher

…one of the functions of an inner or outer teacher (really just the same)…

In what ways is an inner and outer teacher the same?

In a conventional or psychological sense, whatever we see in the outer world mirrors something in here. Whatever I see and receive from a teacher resonates with and mirrors something right here. The teacher only points to it and helps me notice it. (And if I am not ready to notice it, it will just pass by for now.)

Within form, the inner and outer teacher is part of the same seamless process. The flows and dynamics of the universe itself which appears within this human self and in the wider world. One process which we filter into belonging to this human self, and the wider world – including teachers and anything else.

Those two belong to stories. These stories may be functional and helpful at times, but it is still only something that appears through the filter of stories.

Finally, there is no difference between the inner and outer teacher in that both happen within content of awareness, and as awareness itself. They are both just the play of awareness, appearing as something. Within the world of form, something happens and it can appear helpful or not. Yet no matter what happens within the world of form, or within content of awareness, it is still only the play of awareness itself. All happening within and as this timeless present.

This is something each of us can notice here and now through allowing experience, explore the sense fields, the Big Mind process, headless experiments, and many other pointers.

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