Inquiry: He is a stupid gorilla

He is a stupid gorilla.

  1. True?
    No. Although the story comes up, and I can go where I believe it.
  2. Sure?
    No. Only a label.
  3. What happens when I believe that thought?
    • I see him as a stupid gorilla. When he yells at the deer for eating his flowers, or yells at his dog for not doing what he wants, or uses a loud booming voice when talking to people, I take it as evidence that he is a stupid gorilla.
    • I feel satisfied that I found a good label for him.
    • I make him wrong and myself right.
    • Where does my mind go? I see him as a stupid gorilla. A brute. Rigid. Inflexible. Having an agressive voice. Yelling when it obviously does not good (yelling at the deer and the dog). Talking much louder than what seems neccesary.
    • When did I first have that thought? As a child, when I realized – from movies and cartoons – that bullies can be labeled stupid gorillas. (Or stupid brutes.) I saw the kids who bullied me in elementary school that way, and I now see him that way.
  4. Who am I without it?
    • I see that it is only a label. I know hardly anything about him, and there are probably many areas of life where he is kind and quite different from my image of him.
    • I feel compassion for him. Especially as I have put him down in my own mind, without even knowing him. I see that he is doing as best as he can, with what is available to him. He may also be far beyond me in many areas of life, including areas I value.
  5. Turnarounds.
    • He is not a stupid gorilla.
      • Yes. I know next to nothing about him, so even in a conventional sense he must be far more than and different from that label.
      • He is probably kind and receptive at times, and in certain areas of life.
    • I am not a stupid gorilla. (I am doing this first to make the next turnaround easier for me.)
      • Yes. I am sometimes kind and receptive. I am willing to question my views and identities.
    • I am a stupid gorilla.
      • Yes. Especially when I believe that he is a stupid gorilla. I take a crude and rigid viewpoint.
      • Whenever I believe a thought, I become a stupid gorilla. I take that one viewpoint as real and block myself from the validity of other stories. My view is rigid, and my heart closes down if life shows up differently from my belief.

Trigger: A retired neighbor whom we hear throughout the days and evenings in the summer, when he sits in the back yard.

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