Inquiry: They shouldn’t contradict the Bible.

They shouldn’t contradict the Bible. (It is sometimes good to take on stories that I not only don’t believe in, but are contrary to my habitual views. It helps me see the dynamics that comes out of taking any story as true, the particular things that come out of this story, I see how I am doing the same with other beliefs, and it gives me more understanding and empathy for those who do hold this particular belief. We are not so different.)

  1. True?
  2. Sure?
    Hm. Yes, I am pretty sure. I cannot know on my own, but I have it on good authority that it is true. I have to believe it is true.
  3. What happens when I believe that story?
    • I get upset when someone promotes evolution. When they say that we decend from apes. They make a mockery out of the Bible and Christianty, and of us who are made in God’s image.
    • I get angry. Sad. I want to show them that they are wrong. I try to find ways to show them that they are wrong. I run through different strategies in my mind. I try to hit them where they are weakest. I will do and say almost anything to get their attention.
    • I experience a sense of separation. There is sadness for the loss of connection with others who believe differently from me.
    • I feel alienated from living in a society where they teach evolution in schools and present it as a truth. Sad. Angry. Frustrated. Hopeless.
    • I feel hurt. I feel that they are not respecting my beliefs.
    • I am afraid for all of us. Some of the people I love believe in evolution and other things that contradict the Bible, so what will happen with them? Will they go to hell? Will I get to see them again after we die? Since so many believe in things that contradict the Bible, will we all be punished?
    • Even if I feel good when I act on my frustration and hurt, I feel bad when I do so. It only makes it more convoluted and difficult for me, but I don’t know what to do differently.
    • How do I experience it in my body? I feel tense. Jittery. A sense of wanting to escape, but unable to do so.
    • When did I first have that thought? As a child when adults I loved told me how wrong it was to question the Bible. I wanted to do what was right.
    • What am I afraid would happen if I didn’t believe that thought? That I would start to question the Bible as an authority, and that something terrible would happen.
  4. Who would I be without it?
    • I would feel more at peace. I would see them more as fellow humans. I would be curious about how to interact with them in a different way, with less need to make them wrong or make them change their views. I would have more trust in life. Trust that God is good. Trust that I know what to do, even withouth holding onto that belief so strongly.
  5. Turnarounds.
    • They should contradict the Bible.
      • Hm… Well, it does give us who believe in the Bible an opportunity to clarify our views, and to speak them.
      • They do what they have to do.
    • I should contradict the Bible.
      • That is a difficult one. I guess I can question certain things, at least to see where it goes, even if I return to what the Bible says.
      • I do believe things in the Bible that is (apparently) contradicted other places in the Bible, so it is true in that sense.

Trigger: Seeing this sign along I5 in southern Oregon.

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