Inquiry: They shouldn’t make sharks into shadow objects

They shouldn’t make sharks into shadow objects. (Watched Jaws.)

  1. True?
  2. Sure?
    Not at all.
  3. What happens when I believe that thought?
    • I take the side of the shark. I see it as an animal like ourselves, doing what it is designed to do so it can survive, as any other animal would do.
    • I feel separation towards people who make sharks, or any other animals or humans, into shadow objects. Who dehumanize them. Make up or use ideology to harm them. Are self-righteous about it.
    • It hurts all of us when people get caught up in blind shadow projections, and especially when it happens in the same way for many at once. Wars are started that way.
    • Where does my mind go? To other instances where people make animals or other people into shadow objects, and act in harmful ways because of it. In this culture today, the favorite shadow objects seem to be terrorists and Muslims. I think of my uncle who wants wolves killed, although there is not a single recorded instance of a wolf having killed a human. (What about wasps? They kill lots of people each year. Or cars? Wouldn’t it be more productive to put that energy into traffic safety instead? And don’t wolves have as much right to life as we do?)
    • When did I first have that thought? In my early teens when I started to become aware of these things.
  4. Who would I be without that belief?
    • Clear. Sense of us which includes all of humans and sharks (and other animals). Sense of eldership role, exploring solutions where everyone’s needs are more met.
  5. Turnarounds.
    • They should make sharks into shadow objects.
      • Well, they do according to my story about it, so everything in them must tell them it is the right thing to do. It has infinite causes.
      • It does bring shadow projections to the surface so they are easier to notice and look into.
      • It is possibly more innocent than other forms of shadow projections (unless you are a shark!), so it serves as an outlet, a safety valve, in that sense.
    • I shouldn’t make them into shadow objects. (The ones my initial statement is about.)
      • Yes, that is more true. When I believe my initial story, I make them into shadow objects. I dehumanize them in my own mind, to the point where there is even some delight in imagineing them being eaten by sharks!
      • Whenever I take a story as true, I make someone – the ones believing anything that doesn’t match my story – into shadow objects for myself. I make myself right and them wrong. I blind myself. I do what I – in my own mind – see them do.

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