Listening to teachers

A few things I find helpful when listening to teachers…

  • Any statement…
    • Is a question and a pointer for own inquiry (if I am drawn to it or it seems helpful)
    • Scratches the surface only (no matter how clear the Ground awakening, how profound the soul awakening, how mature and healthy the human self)
    • Is from very limited experience (no matter the amount and breadth of experience)
  • Anything I see over there, I know from myself (the world is a mirror)
    • I can notice beliefs coming up (tension, sense of separation, sense of something to protect), and inquire into them
  • What to look for in a teacher in general…
    • Familiar with the awakening terrain (at least some of it)
      • Ground and/or soul level awakening (Ground: the ground of experience wakes up to itself. Soul: All content of experience awakens to itself as awareness itself.)
    • A healthy and mature human being
      • Know that only scratch the surface, no matter how clear the Ground awakening, how profound the soul level awakening, and how healthy, mature and experienced the human self
      • Know that all is from very limited experience, no matter how vast it may seem in a relative sense
      • Know that everybody already know these things, they just need to notice and be reminded
      • See the world as a mirror, finding in themselves anything they see in others and the wider world (not caught up in blind projections)
    • Give the students the tools to explore for themselves, including during talks, and the talks serve often as pointing instructions

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