The Work and role playing

As I mentioned in a previous post, I find that it is sometimes helpful to use role playing when doing The Work.

I can inquire into stories I consciously take as true. I can inquire into stories that a part of me takes as true.

But I can also go into another role, find beliefs there, and inquire into them.

I can shift into the perspective of any voice or subpersonality, find a story that voice takes as true, and inquire into it.

I can go into the role of another person, maybe someone I have a difficult time with, and explore whatever beliefs I imagine they may have – including about me.

I can go into the role of any character – including from dreams, movies, books, fairy tales and mythology, and do the same.

I can go into the role of anything in the universe, for instance ecosystems or the Earth, and imagine beliefs and inquire into them.

After all, it is all about what is happening right here now.

When I do this, I find that the new perspectives and the shifts among roles is very helpful in many ways, including giving me a better understanding of where someone else may be coming from, acknowledge the validity of their views, finding the same dynamics in myself, and also see – and equally importantly feel – how we are not so different from each other. It also helps me find hidden beliefs I otherwise may not have seen, or that it would take longer to identify.

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