Tug of war

Over the last few days, and especially last night, I have noticed what seems like a gentle tug of war going on in the body. Maybe a tension between dynamics from a mistaken identity and existence inviting in a release of it. A gentle murmuring tug of war between confusion and clarity.

This is probably something that goes on all the time, for most of us. A tug of war between beliefs in stories and what is more true for us. A tension between what we try to take as true, and what we know is true. A tug of war that goes through all of who we are, including the body and its energies.

And sometimes, like now, it feels like something is working itself out. But those are all interpretations, and it feels better to let it have its life without me needing to know.

Initial draft…

I sometimes experience something that can be described as a murmuring tug of war in the body. It is below the surface of what is conscious, apart from the sensations and interpretations of it. And it seems to be a dynamic between what comes from a mistaken identity and an invitation to release out of it. A gentle tug of war between confusion and clarity – going on below the surface.

When I look at it this way, I see that this is what is going on for me all the time – and probably for most others as well. There is a tension between a mistaken identity and existence inviting us into clarity in different ways. And it happens at all levels of who we are, including with our energies and the body.

Sometimes, it is quite noticeable, as it has been for me for the last few days and especially last night. A gentle tug of war in the body throughout the night. And a sense of something working itself out – maybe.

(This may be a deeper digestion of something that has been initiated through more conscious intentions or practices, or may be reflected there later. In any case, there is no need to know.)

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