What everybody and nobody wants, and clarifying

What I find is that what I really want is awakening. No matter what the surface intention or want is, when I look at it and peel back the layers, I find that it always goes back to a desire for awakening. For coming home, truth, freedom from suffering, a quiet joy, of all awakening to itself as Ground.

And I also find that many sides of my don’t want awakening. Instead, I want all the surface wants. The shorter term things that enhance this separate I. Yet, these are false – insubstantial – wants. Mirages that appear when I take a story as true.

So as long as I am not clear on my real motivations, there is a mix of the two. I sincerely want to awaken. But I also want to enhance this separate I in different ways. Which is why it is so helpful to clarify motivation. It helps see through the surface motivations, see that they each are mirages created from taking stories as true, and that each of them lead back to the essential desire for awakening.

There are so many practices that are complete – or sufficient – in themselves. And this seems to be one of them. The process itself takes us right to awakening.


  • everyone wants awakening – no matter what the surface intention/want is, it always goes back to awakening (truth, home, freedom from suffering, quiet joy)
  • nobody wants it – want other things (short term, enhancing the separate I)
    • but is a false want, based on beliefs, of taking stories as true
  • so a process of clarifying intention, what do I really want? What do I find when I take a surface intention and peel off the layers?

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