What is not OK about this?

The question what is not OK about this can be used to find underlying beliefs for inquiry.

Another way to use that question is in daily life, whenever I notice even the slightest tendency to resist experience. I can ask myself what is not OK about this? What is not OK about what I am experiencing now? Or, if I see that there is something specific that is resisted, I can ask myself what is not OK about …?

In most cases, I find no reason and this invites in a shift of allowing experience as it is. Including resistance or whatever else may be there.

And if a reason comes up, I can ask the same question – what is not OK about …? And I can also investigate it more thoroughly through inquiry.

Trigger: Noticing a slight moving away from experience (as if that was possible!) in the dentist chair last week. I decided to not have novacine since it was a minor procedure, noticed some resistance to the experience, found a thought saying that “pain is not OK”, and then asked myself “What is not OK about pain?”. I couldn’t find anything, which invited in a shift into wholehearedly allow the experience.

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